Knights of the Future Wikia

Previously named KotF Wikia (Knights of the Future). This is my fictional universe named which I have named StarShip. I started working on long ago as a stupid bumbling child. More has been added throughout time and it actually has some kind of story. I am planning to put this information on wikia because I want to keep it safe so I don't lose it, and its also an easier way to express my creativity rather than opening a specific page from a dirty old notebooks. I am CarthXenolay2002 also known as Carthvader2002 or Carter Beckstrom. Please be nice and simply explore the universe that is StarShip.

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Welcome to the StarShip Multiverse!

KotF is the name of my fictional universe which previously was the name of this wikia. It which branches out into many main story lines, this wikia is the whole thing of it including all story lines. It is about aliens, science, space, and all that good stuff for common geeks. Thanks for visiting!

Guide to Main Story: